Mad Battle Man: Nightfall Edition ON SALE NOW!


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Mad Battle Man “Nightfall”drops Monday, August 15! Plus, important sale clarification

Mike Sutfin's Mad Battle Man, the Nightfall edition, will drop here at on Monday, August 15, at noon. If you're visiting the site to purchase the toy on Saturday, August 13, or on Sunday, August 14, due to our errant announcement that the figure would be released on Saturday, simply send an email to saying that you'd like to have a figure held for you and that you'll pay online on Monday, August 15. The soft vinyl figure is over 9 inches tall and will sell for $99, plus shipping. In the meantime, check below for the amazing second chapter of the Mad Battle Man's story, painstakingly hand lettered by Dino Sommese! Thank you very much, and best of luck!